The Love Tree

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The Love Tree

The Love Tree is a book of poems about falling in love and the journey into the eroticism of sexual expression.  

6 x 9 Paperback   123 pages


Sample Poems below:


        Lover's Moon 


I combed my fingers

through corn silk hair

picking watermelon

kisses and the breeze rippled

the deep pools

of liquid flesh

intoxicating as chardonnay.


The grapes hung

ripe on the hills

and the valleys sloped

into shimmering gold

cantaloupe plains.


Beneath the pumpkin moon's

spell I feast

in a canyon sweet


of fragipani and peppermint.


       Summer Love


We clasped hands and slipped away

with the horses down the lane

into the meadow.  Red-winged blackbirds

held chorus in the cattails

where the cattle drank.  The creek had a rush

to compliment the laugh of the mallard ducks

and the air was abuzz with dragonflies.


I remember your face freckled and petite

as we knelt to pick orchids and kissed.

We snipped bouquets to freshen a nest

cradled in the limbs of an ancient tree; paradise

where carved our names and then sunbathed

bare naked, satiated and carefree.  


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