Sasquatch Love Stone

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Quantum Energy Charged Sasquatch Love Stone

     This beautiful love stone in hues of soft red, pink and purple was gifted to me at Sasquatch Message Rock just before the onset of winter 2021.  It represents the sacred tie that binds our hearts to Mother Earth.  This is a very special stone in that I have never seen nor been given another of its caliber.

     To deliver the valuable information the Sasquatch have provided for our benefit, does require in our universe what is known as money.  Money is simply the exchange of goods and/or services.  It provides a means of energy to be, do, or have something.  

     This stone, with its rarity and significance has value.  It's value is in the heart of the beholder and also lies in what it can do in our world.  My Bigfoot projects for kenaf, plasma water and the Just Squatch-It mineral complex cannot move forward without that needed energy called money.  

     This special one of a kind stone is available for purchase. To me, these projects are my purpose, not the significance in saving the stone.  So if you are a Sasquatch aficionado, please consider this magical and beautiful stone for your collection.

     We have also charged this one of a kind stone with pure love intentions and zero point energy in our quantum energy cube.