How the Snake Got Its Tail

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How the Snake Got Its Tail, A Modern Day Fable

How the Snake Got Its Tail is a tale about two opposites, To and Fro.  This is a book for learning about the social and physical side effects of smoking marijuana. 

6 x 9 Paperback, 36 Pages

How The Snake Got Its Tail

To and Fro 

were not alike. 

To liked day.

Fro liked night.

To would smile.

Fro would frown.

To stood up.

Fro laid down. 

To went north.

Fro ent south.

To was sure.

Fro had doubts.

To was clean.

Fro was not.

To was strong.

Fro smoked pot.

To had laughs.

Fro had coughs.

To has won.

Fro has lost.


©Richard Rensberry 2016