Bigfoot Moonstone 1

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Quantum Energy Charged Bigfoot Moonstone 

This Bigfoot Moonstone was gifted by the Big Creek Sasquatch.  It was placed on the ridge overlooking the Big Creek portal where I first met Loquius, my Sasquatch friend.  Its significance can only be interpreted by the person to whom this stone speaks.  It has not spoken to me.  If it speaks to you I’d like to know what it says.

Besides the significance of it being a Bigfoot Stone, we have quantumly charged this stone with traveling and protection intentions along with zero point energy with our quantum energy cube.  It is meant to help and protect you and your companions in your adventures wherever they may take you. I carry one in my suitcase or backpack, even my hunting and fishing bag.  I don't have an American Express card, but I have one of these Moonstones.  I never leave home without it.  

This stone is the size of a small tangerine.